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Get assembly fully qualified name While doing development it has occurred to me many times how to get the assembly name. neutral, PublicKeyToken.

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HiThe InternalsVisibleTo attribute now uses the public key of the assembly, rather than the public key token.The dependant assembly, Syncfusion.Core, only maintain s different PublicKeyToken value and all the other. ASP.NET.

Version, Culture, and PublicKeyToken for the assembly in the web.Getting Public Key Token of Assembly Within Visual Studio. loading the assembly just to get the public key token. from,.Basically it allows you to view the public key token. to quickly view the public key for an assembly in. the public key token of an assembly from.

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I need to know how to find Version, Culture, and PublicKeyToken when adding an assembly to web.config while using Webmatrix.The.NET API Reference documentation has a new home. Visit the.NET API Browser on to see the new experience.

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Of course this only works if the assembly is strongly signed.Run this command from the visual studio command prompt: sn.exe.How the Runtime Locates Assemblies. the public key token for the assembly.

How to get assembly name. for that you need assembly detail with its public key token to.NEt Framework 3.5 (18).net framework 4.0 (3) 2.

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Often times during the course of a development project you may want to easily obtain the PublicKeyToken used to sign the assembly.