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What is the equivalent of DECODE and UNION ALL in teradata. SELECT A.NUM. converting oracle query to teradata. 2. to a switched CASE statement: SELECT A.NUM.

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Hi, I have to create an object (teradata) using case statement in the universe (XI R3).Teradata SQL CASE expression is used to check for various conditions sequentially and produce result depending on which condition is met first.

SELECT CASE NULL. Teradata Database can detect when an expression that always.Using case when with a timestamp in the select statement. I am new in teradata.The SQL Server CASE statement provides a mechanism for returning different values in a SELECT clause based on Boolean conditions.

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Case Sensitivity of Data in Teradata - Case Sensitivity of Data in Teradata courses with reference manuals and examples.Dates, times, and timestamps in Teradata (V2R4.1) can be a little tricky.BASICS, Partitioned Primary Index, Teradata Indexes, partition primary index syntax, partition primary index example, partition primary index definition, multi level.

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Partitioned Primary Index in Teradata, PPI, Case partitioning, Range Partitioning, Multilevel Partition in Teradata, Advantages of Partitioned Primary Index.

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Teradata TPump supports a subset of Teradata SQL statements so other utilities do not have to be invoked to perform routine database maintenance functions before.

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All character data, except for CLOBs, accessed in the execution of a Teradata SQL statement has an attribute of CASESPECIFIC or NOT CASESPECIFIC, either by default or.

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If no condition is matched then TERADATA SQL CASE will result in output specified in ELSE clause.

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So whenever you are using any Select inside of FROM. table definition will be stored in the Data Dictionary in case of.

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Multiple Case Statements. Another option is to use a DECODE UDF for Teradata, available at:. SELECT. CASE. WHEN Col1 IS NULL THEN NULL.Syntax: (Applied on column2) SELECT column1, CASE column2 WHEN value1 THEN result1 WHEN value2 THEN result2 END FROM table The CASE functionality must meet END to operate for a table.

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This chapter explains the CASE and COALESCE functions of Teradata.

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Case statements can be nested i.e one case statement can be added inside another case statement, Syntax SELECT EmpID.