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The process by which a hemotoxin causes death is much slower than that of a neurotoxin.Botulism is a life-threatening disease caused by the ingestion of a potent neurotoxin produced during growth of the C. botulinum.They are highly potent and can cause major damage to the host.Ammonia: a Lyme disease exotoxin. (i.e., the brain), teeth, other body tissue, and disrupt the nervous system as it is a neurotoxin.Tetanus toxin: potent exotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani, consisting of two components, one a neurotoxin (tetanospasmin) and the other a hemolysin.Botulinum toxin is an injectable neuromodulator derived from neurotoxins.

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Eighteen patients with glabellar frown lines were treated with C. botulinum-A exotoxin.

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Plasmid pPhe23-1 was constructed previously and contains a sequence encoding aPseudomonas exotoxin.Gohil Abstract Tetanus is a potentially fatal muscle spasm disease.

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Neurotoxic Disorders (6-Feb-2003). of spoiled food or carrion containing a preformed exotoxin.

The botulism neurotoxin is one of the most potent, lethal substances known.

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As early as 1937, scientists were searching for a vaccine for the alpha exotoxin,.Merozoite surface protein-1 of Plasmodium yoelii fused via an oligosaccharide moiety of cholera toxin B subunit glycoprotein expressed in yeast induced protective.

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To narrow your search, use one or more of the following search menus below.ContextBotulinum A exotoxin is used for various indications, including the treatment of dynamic forehead lines.ObjectiveTo determine whether injection with botu.

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Indoor Air: Because the natural source of tetrodotoxin is from living organisms, and manufacturing tetrodotoxin artificially in appreciable quantities is extremely.It is an intoxication usually caused by ingestion of potent neurotoxins.Botulinum Exotoxin: Botulinum exotoxin is a neurotoxin which irreversibly blocks release of acetylcholine (Ach) from peripheral nerves at the synapse.

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Many clostridial proteins are poorly. such as tetanus toxin and seven serologically distinct botulinum neurotoxins.

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Over the past decade, growth in the number and types of aesthetic procedures performed using botulinum neurotoxin has increased, along with the number of these products.

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Food poisoning is a toxemia associated with the ingestion of preformed microbial toxins. The neurotoxins cause vomiting through an unknown mechanism.